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About us

Whataboutgardening is founded by two sisters, Esther and Karin van Ham. Since the summer of 2019, we started to share our passion through articles on unieketuinen.nl. When we were about 10-11 years old, we each got a piece of space in the garden from our parents. Here we started planting and growing sunflowers, vegetables, fruits, and other seed mixes. At the beginning of 2021, we started whataboutgardening.com to let more people enjoy our extensive database of articles with helpful gardening tips.


In our articles, you can read about solutions to everyday problems, which every gardener encounters, beginner or advanced, there is always something to learn. Because we regularly encounter garden questions in our daily life and like to search for answers, we decided to write about this. I have gained a lot of know-how from my education. By discussing this with each other and describing this creatively and practically, we arrive at useful solutions. We also like to write seasonal content, about planting flower bulbs in the fall and preparing your garden for winter, to what to do in the heat and drought in the summer.

Esther van Ham

I live with my daughter in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. I have a great passion for gardens and gardening. I love to use my practical knowledge to help other garden fans with all kinds of tips and tricks to make your garden even more fun. Because I am quite curious, I like to look online for everything that has to do with gardens and gardening. I want to share what I learn in theory and experience from practice.

I also work as a Designer at a company in Breda. I studied at St Lucas in Boxtel and at Monfort University in Lincoln, England. By combining my creative side, which I have further developed through various courses, and my interest in everything that has to do with greenery, I often come up with a different solution.

Karin van Ham

​I live with my 2 daughters and partner in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. I live about 5 minutes biking distance from Esther. I love everything that has to do with the outdoors, from visiting gardens and photographing, to designing, experiencing, walking, and enjoying nature. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences by writing articles.

After my HEAO-CE training in sports, I followed various courses to become a garden designer. It is great to receive enthusiastic responses from my customers. I notice that a lot of people have questions concerning gardening. This is a source of inspiration for the articles on our website.

Do you have a burning question about gardening?

Send us a message, and we’ll go looking for the answer for you.