Roses, classic bloomers available in various colors, come with the delightful extra of a fragrant aura. These renowned flowers often find their place in bouquets, symbolizing love, joy, happiness, and affection. Roses, whether in a bouquet or adorning a garden, carry diverse meanings, making them fitting for any garden style, be it robust, romantic, rural, or modern. These are robust plants, and with proper care, they can bring years of delight.

Roses in your Garden

In your garden, you can explore a variety of rose types, each with its unique charm. Consider color, blooming period, and the space and light requirements when selecting the right rose for your garden:

  • Groundcover Roses: These swiftly blanket your border, denying weeds a chance. They shine in sizable, well-defined borders or small spaces outlined with boxwood, as seen in a baroque garden.
  • Botanical or Wild Rose: These may sport charming hips, such as the dog rose mentioned earlier.
  • English Rose (David Austin Rose): They boast densely filled blooms but require a bit more gardening experience due to their maintenance needs.
  • Rambler Roses: A distinctive group of climbing roses that typically bloom just once per season, stretching their lengthy branches, which can “climb” into trees, for example.
  • Shrub Roses: These offer great fragrance and need a bit more room. They are also suitable for creating cut flower arrangements.
  • Large-Flowered Rose: Just as the name suggests, these roses bear big, fully-petaled blossoms. Their blooming typically kicks off in mid-June, with the duration varying by the specific variety.
  • Cluster Rose: Perfect for border spots, these roses bloom in bunches and continue their display, depending on the variety, well into autumn.
  • Miniature Roses: Ideal for compact spaces or balconies, these charming minis can thrive in pots.
  • Climbing Rose: They adapt well to smaller gardens and require guidance along walls or pergolas. Unlike some, these roses don’t naturally climb. They generally grace us with their blooms from mid-June to mid-July. Some even keep going into autumn.
  • Standard Rose: You can find various rose types available as standards, including the cluster rose, miniature roses, and the large-flowered rose.

planting roses

Planting Roses

Roses are suitable for year-round planting. They thrive best in sunny spots in your garden, in nutrient-rich soil, and with a touch of wind. When planting, dig a generous hole and consider mixing some rose soil. Plant the rose with its root ball and press firmly. Provide sufficient water during the initial weeks to ensure it starts its new journey strongly.

Pruning a Rose flower

Roses can benefit from a pruning session twice a year. These robust plants are forgiving, so don’t fret if you make a less-than-ideal cut. In spring, trim away the older branches down to a healthy bud or green shoot. This is mainly for shaping. Be cautious to leave the young shoots untouched, as these are where the future blossoms will emerge. In summer, remove the spent flowers from the plant.

When to Prune Roses

Opt for pruning roses in spring before they bloom, usually in March or April. Optionally, you can trim away faded flowers in the fall.

Types of Roses

With over a thousand rose varieties to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Consider the hue, the space in your garden, the location, and the blooming season when making your choice. Here are some options to ponder:

Red Roses

Delve into ‘Lilli Marleen,’ a large-flowered red rose with an extended blooming season, or embrace ‘Velvet Star,’ a fragrant climbing rose with an impressive height.

Pink Roses

Explore ‘TomTom,’ a large-flowered pink rose blooming from June to October, or ‘The Fairy,’ a pink cluster rose ideal for sunny spots with a blooming period from June to October.

white roses

White Roses

Embrace ‘Sneewittchen,’ a member of the shrub rose family featuring white blooms from June to October, reaching a height of about 100-120 cm, favoring sunny or partly shaded spots. Then there’s ‘Schneewalzen,’ a fragrant climbing rose adorned with large, pure white blossoms, gracing us with their presence from June to October.

Blue Roses

While truly blue roses remain a quest, a rose like ‘Minerva’ makes an effort, donning purple hues that tend towards blue as they mature. ‘Minerva’ reaches a height of around 90 cm and spreads a delightful fragrance. This rose blooms from June to October. Additionally, ‘Azubis,’ a bluish climbing rose with a strong fragrance, climbs up to about 3 meters in sunny locations, with a blooming season from May to October.

Black Roses

Genuine black-flowering roses are yet to be bred. The ‘Black Baccara’ rose comes closest to achieving that dark allure. It’s a large-flowered rose in deep red, giving it a near-black appearance. It prefers sunny or partly shaded spots and blooms from June until the first frost. The plant’s height ranges from 60 to 80 cm.

Yellow Roses

Brighten your garden with ‘Friesia,’ a vivid yellow large-flowered rose, blooming from June to September, with a height of approximately 50-70 cm. It thrives in sunny or partly shaded locations. There’s also ‘Golden Climber,’ a climbing rose displaying soft yellow hues, with a blooming season stretching from June to September. This climbing rose reaches a height of around 400 cm.

Purple Roses

‘Veilchenblau’ is a climbing rose with a blooming period from June to October and stands tall at 400 cm. It prefers sunny or partly shaded spots. For a unique twist, consider ‘Blue for You,’ a grafted rose bearing purple flowers with white centers. This light-scented rose blooms from June to October, reaching a height of 80 cm. It thrives in partly shaded or sunny locations.

orange roses

Orange Roses

For a vibrant touch, ‘Just Joey’ is a large-flowered rose with a blooming season spanning from June to October. The mature plant typically reaches a height of 70-80 cm, and it thrives in sunny or partly shaded locations. Another option is ‘Fragrant Delight,’ a cluster rose with a strong fragrance. The bush typically stands around 60 cm tall and prefers sunny or partly shaded locations.