Helpful, all those garden tools, but how do you store them practically in your shed? In this article, we list the most commonly used methods for garden tool storage.

There are many ways for garden tool storage. You can buy a special hanging system or make your own system to hang your tools on the wall. There are storage boxes on the market or you can make or buy a cupboard or storage shed to store your tools. In addition, there are also storage hooks on the market, which you can use to hang up random garden tools. There are even special hanging boards for small tools and of course, the garden hose holder should not be missing.

Why do you need a garden tool organizer?

Even the less enthusiastic gardener will soon have a lot of garden tools, a shovel, a rake, a broom, a hoe, and so on. Your shed will be packed in no time. Besides the fact that it looks messy, it is also not practical if you want to grab that specific broom between all your garden tools (and the rest falls over again, grrr). Also for safety, it is advisable to make or buy a good garden tool storage method for your garden tools. In short; with a good storage system you save space and your garden tools are stored neatly and safely.

Garden tool rack

The most common method of storing your tools is to hang them on the wall. To do this, there are various storage systems and racks on the market. The most common hanging systems have five stem clamps, where you can clamp stems with a diameter of two to three centimeters. In comparison, an average broom has a diameter of two to three centimeters. There are also stem clamps available for thicker stems, from three to four centimeters, such as a shovel or a fork.

Most versions also have small folding hooks added, these are useful for the smaller and lighter tools, for example pruning shears or a light brush and dustpan.

DIY garden tool holder

Do you want to make a garden tool holder yourself? There are several ways to do this.

  • Wooden garden tool holder with nails. The cheapest way is to hammer several (long) nails into a plank and then attach them to the wall with screws. Just make sure you dull the nails a bit when you’re done, so you don’t get stuck with your clothes if you walk a little too close. Drill holes in the handles of the tools you want to hang and voilĂ , you’re done.
  • Garden tool holder with PVC pipes. Hang two rows of PVC pipes with a large diameter on the wall. A row about four feet high and one at the bottom, about four inches above the ground. The ground PVC tubes can be provided with a cap at the bottom to keep the stems from falling through. To define the diameter, measure the width of the handles of your tools. These should fit within the diameter.

Garden tool hooks

You can also buy loose clamps for your tools. The advantage of this is that you can buy exactly as many as you have tools. In addition to clamps, there are also garden tool hooks on the market that are available individually or in pairs.

Garden tool storage box

Do you have a little more space? Then you can opt for a garden tool storage box. You can store your tools horizontally in a storage box. Like a kind of chest. Most boxes are waterproof and ventilate well. So you can just put them outside in the garden. Some boxes are also suitable as a seat, so put your cozy cushions on them and turn your garden tool storage box into a nice sitting area.

garden tool storage shed

Garden tool shed

Is your shed not that big? Then you can choose to put a special garden tool shed outside. It is of course a bit more expensive than a DIY hanging system, but there are nice wooden houses on the market that, in addition to being super practical, are really an asset to your garden. These sheds are also called garden cabinets.

Garden tool rack

Not in the mood, or drill, to hang something on the wall? You can also opt for a garden tool storage rack. You have shelves, that you can place in a corner. This corner rack has space for up to 24 tools and a storage compartment for accessories. You just place this rack in the corner and you’re done. You can also attach the rack to the wall for extra stability.

DIY garden tool storage rack

Of course, you can also make a garden tool rack yourself. Use a pallet as a base. Attach the pallet to the wall with screws, or create bars at the bottom so the pallet cannot fall over. Optionally, you can attach some extra hooks to the pallet for small garden tools. The garden tools with long handles, such as the broom, rake, shovel, etc., can simply be placed in the pallet. Cheap and easy!

Garden hand tools organizer

You can use a storage rack to hang small garden tools such as pruning shears, hedge trimmer, brush and dustpan, pliers, etc. A pegboard is a shelf with small holes in which you can place hooks. You can easily hang these hooks in any hole and so you can design your own hanging board in no time to fit all your garden tools neatly and conveniently.

Kitchen rack with hooks for garden tools

Do you still have an old kitchen rack lying around that you normally use to hang your ladles and soup spoons? This is also ideal for your garden tools. So, hang it up in your shed and hang your pruning shears, brush, and other garden hand tools on it.

Garden hose holder

garden hose holder

Of course, the garden hose holder should not be missing. A loose garden hose is, in addition to always tangled, also awkward and unsafe. You have separate garden hose holders, where you can easily roll up your garden hose and take it everywhere with you. This is especially useful in a large garden, where you have several connection points for your garden hose.

If you have a slightly smaller garden and, for example, one outdoor tap, you can opt for a wall holder for your garden hose. There are different options available. The cheapest variant is the wall hose holder that you wrap your garden hose around manually. A slightly more expensive version is the so-called wall hose box or wall hose reel, the biggest advantage of this version is that you never have to roll up the garden hose yourself. Most of the latter variants are for sale including a garden hose.